The electronic cigarette is healthier SuperSmoker Blue like a real one! In the shop there are cartridges (filter cartridges) with and without buying nicotine, the blog information on smokeless smoking.

Start today a new lifestyle with the SuperSmoker, the SuperSmoker is an electronic cigarette that can be used anywhere. The SuperSmoker is not harmful to the environment : no passive smoking, no cancer-causing agents! The SuperSmoker is a revolutionary high-tech product of evaporation and computer technology and is produced in Germany according to the internationally recognized ISO DIN 9001-2000.

The filter cartridges are subject to ongoing laboratory control. SuperSmoker offers as required filter cartridges in various strengths. The electronic cigarette comes with 24 filter cartridges ZERO ( without nicotine ) together with a ultra compact charger, an elegant storage case and instructions.

Summary of Manu’s Test team:

It would have been nice if I would have gone through with the SuperSmoker for non-smoker, because of course I am aware of how much tobacco cigarettes charge my health and my wallet. But unfortunately it is not so simple , such a habit as fast to get rid of. Still, I ‘m glad to have tested this e- cigarette and maybe I can do it at some point , give up smoking.

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