The electronic cigarette is healthier SuperSmoker Blue like a real one! In the shop there are cartridges (filter cartridges) with and without buying nicotine, the blog information on smokeless smoking.

Start today a new lifestyle with the SuperSmoker, the SuperSmoker is an electronic cigarette that can be used anywhere. The SuperSmoker is not harmful to the environment : no passive smoking, no cancer-causing agents! The SuperSmoker is a revolutionary high-tech product of evaporation and computer technology and is produced in Germany according to the internationally recognized ISO DIN 9001-2000.

The filter cartridges are subject to ongoing laboratory control. SuperSmoker offers as required filter cartridges in various strengths. The electronic cigarette comes with 24 filter cartridges ZERO ( without nicotine ) together with a ultra compact charger, an elegant storage case and instructions.

Summary of Manu’s Test team:

It would have been nice if I would have gone through with the SuperSmoker for non-smoker, because of course I am aware of how much tobacco cigarettes charge my health and my wallet. But unfortunately it is not so simple , such a habit as fast to get rid of. Still, I ‘m glad to have tested this e- cigarette and maybe I can do it at some point , give up smoking.

The craze for smoking electronic cigarettes makes me think that baclofen for patients with alcohol dependence. The same enthusiasm, hoping to release an addiction, a “revolution” for some addictologists physicians (Renaud de Beaurepaire), GPs (Philippe Jarry, coor Side “patients” (those that I see in consultation), the results are rather mixed. Some have a gradual transition from e-cartridges 19.6 mg of nicotine to those containing only 6 mg.

But all ask my opinion: “What do you think, Doctor?” and my answer has not changed for 2 years: lack of toxicity has not been demonstrated, but the number of toxic substances is much smaller (at lower concentrations also). Indeed, there are formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, acrolein, tobacco specific nitrosamines, but at levels below the limits of acceptable thresholds in occupational concentrations.

Trade in e-cigarettes

Sellers of electronic cigarettes are well understood: it is to provide a wide range of electronic cigarettes (which may exhibit as a luxury item, a gem) and e-cartridges (with a variety of flavors), to give personalized advice and support (in time ) the client: the coaching vapoteur a profession of the future. It makes me think about advertising for Nespresso, where each client is unique and treated with great interest. This individual relationship, this personalized support allows its customer loyalty.

They all inclusive!